Challenge: Use the descending order of the Alphabet in prose or poetry

Magaria Gragory Nyauchi

And so it starts,
Before it stops,
See it for what it is,
Dare to draw it back
Every line, every piece
Fling them from each other
Gather them up again
Hang them on a tether
Insert them in a letter
Keeping them in place
Letting them know theirs
Moves them out of there
Nothing, without a care
Observing without an eye
Practicingwithout an art
Questioning without curiosity
Running without shoes
Try a little harder
Understand a little better
Vouchsafe what’s within you
Without that you can’t continue
Explain what comes out
Zealots you might convert

Stephen Dimolo Ashers

Bella called out to me
“Come to my parlor, you old rascal!”

Death too beckoned
“Enter my heady chambers
For in it
Glory you will find”

Hades was what I saw, and with my
Insides, everything that was not
Justice I felt

Kneeling down now
Lost, never to be found
Motionless and

Oh! My Bella
Please lift me out of this ensnare
Quench my desire
Remember me, and
Satisfy my lust

Turn me over, hush, but slowly
Unduly do not
Vent on me, but
Wait! Some of this, surely is

Yelling out now, loud I cry to my
Zenith! Oh Bella! Oh Bella!

Morris Kiruga

For I am become Death

Ample time, the world is abuzz
Boys rhyme, hope the girls cry
Cry and die, bid the world adieu
Die in dye, wish for an afterglow
Eating a lie, like one is Yugoslav
Fight but no bite, motion like Jiujitsu
Getting beaten in spite, begging for a treat
How does one bite, that hand that feeds
Is there not but a little, tiny little roar
Just move away the light, or get a tranq
Kneel and die, black backdrop
Leads to the site, so you know where to go
Might make a path bright, to a chariot seek to hop on
No one needs the blight, that I must affirm
On your feet, take all that you will

Prepare for absurdity, as the mind goes blank
Queues and death awaits, pray to get a Taj
Rescue what soul you might, flow with the graffiti
Scatter to the desert, sand and earth
Trek in the heat, where death is beckoning
Under the beast, a moment but brief
Veins crack and burst, then the start of the dirge
Waiting for that last beat, perturbed and dismayed
Xeric for lack of taste, reins become canonical
Yokes to carry and beat, so ends the throb
Zeus might give light, but I am Karma.

Edwin Thedivinebandit Mukabi


A dare: “lift me into this utopia.
Bare my soul, leave me numb.
Can’t feel you yet, so adhoc,
Deceive me, enjoy this deed.
Embrace my body, By Jove!!
Fight the desire, my better half.
Goodness gracious, make me sing.
Hell yeah! Move back and forth.
Intensely, feed my chi.
Joy resonates, I’m powerless my Raj.
Kiss me, renew your kick.
Love me long, give me all.
Make me yours, forget them.
Nuptials approved, you are my own.
Obey you I will, raise my soprano.
Promise fidelity, do not stop.
Questions later, sail on my umiaq
Release in me, make me purr.
Slowly and tantalizing, do not miss
Tease my fire, it’s been lit.
Under me, bid my senses adieu.
Voraciously; enjoying your Kalashnikov
Wet; the morning came with dew.
Xylophones playing, forget my ex.
You are a master, never shy.
Zone out, my heartbeat; megahertz”

Jonathan Paul


Кевин мутуа

A challenge posed,
Breathless with anticipation,
Committed to reviews positive
Detailed thought process, this is
Endless rhyme schemes, traversing
Flowing ever so gently,
Grand ideals for this prose posting.
Hailing the flow, so imperious
I do.
Juxtaposing the arrangement
Kindly affectionate in my critique
Laughter flowing at the ease
Mind blowing even Stephen Dimolo Ashers must agree
Not condescending,
Overly confident?
Quietly unassuming i may be,
rightly so,
Suddenly evaporation
They’re gone
Undivided attention, divided
Vacuous thesaurus is the remnant
Why did I become conceited?
Xirula whistling in my head,
Yue –Qin accompanying, in the last throes
Zen master’s defeat

Zaynah McAdam


All of her worldly possessions that she now owned were stuffed in her green duffel bag. Booting every single painful memory from her mind, she treaded on with her head held up high. Could a man be so merciless and selfish? Did all those years mean anything to him? Every moment she had spent with him came rushing back. Faltering her movements as she headed towards her destination, her maternal home.

Gone were the days she used to love her husband. Hating him was what she had now become accustomed to. If only she had listened to her friends’ warning. Just the mere thought of her husband’s angry face sent shivers down her spine. Killing him would have been an option if she wasn’t a God-fearing being. Long before her bag had become heavy, she had vowed never to look back. Madness would be the only thing that would take her back to him. Not in a thousand years!

Oblivious of all the people she passed staring at her bruised face and arms, she held onto her bag and didn’t even flinch. Perhaps she was so used to the pain that she couldn’t feel anymore, or maybe all she wanted was to get far away. Questions that her mother would ask her were already answered in her mind.
“Raymond is my past now.” She uttered loudly to herself.

Two years down the line and he had not changed. Under that warm and handsome face lay a man full of deception and disappointment. Vows of loving and cherishing her no longer mattered to him. Why she would stay with him, was a question she didn’t have an answer to anymore. X chromosomes’ abundance in her genes was not going to make her the weaker human any longer. Years of tears were long gone. Zoey was going home, where she belonged.

Kagure Njagi

As he grabs it from me and puts it out of my reach at arms length, I consider
Bursting straight for my precious possession, my one and only. I re-
Consider and realise that the stealthy cat within shall triumph over the
Dastardly serpent. A compromise therefore is reached – a plan hatched.
Eager to achieve, I lock my eyes with his. I move closer and closer yet
Further and further from my initial intention and I become a
Gagged prisoner of my own desires. “You know, I could easily
Have gone the other way and with a swift kick, helped myself to what
Is rightfully mine.” He sees my 10 and raises me 20.
Juicy lips say, “Well, why didn’t you.”
“Karate has never been my strong suite.”
Leaning in closer, I have him where I want him. He has me where he wants
“OK, but I’m still not giving you back your precious. You’ll have to earn it.”
“Please?” I whisper in his ear.
Quivering, out of the corner of my eye, his arm is dropping. I purrr
Rrrrrrr. His resolve is failing, my focus is waning.
“So we have an impasse.” He says as he watches not my eyes, nor my mouth
“Too bad, coz I’m not going to stop until I get what I want.”
Un-said feelings, undone restrictions, un-kissed lips…
Very slowly I reach for what is rightfully mine, playing a game I hopefully win.
Water abounds and a
X is exchanged.
“You’re arm…” I say looking into his eyes where I see a
Zeal that has me consign to oblivion my precious possession.

Eric Mugendi Nyaga

And so he lies
Buried, entombed
Contained by Mother Earth
Doomed as all men are to die,
Epitaph simply stating
‘For in war, there are no unwounded’
Glory belongs to the brave
‘Here lies the hero’
In victory lies immortality
Join the Gods atop Olympus
Keep your eyes on the prize
Listen here
Many will dissuade you
Not all know what you will face
Onward to the next challenge
Push until you can push no more
Question yourself
Remember your past
Summon all you have within you
Take a chance
Use the Force
Victory is its own reward
Worry not, brave warrior
X marks the spot to which
You must quest and find

Ivy Mutisya

Anger subdued in my clenched fist,
Beating this feeling out of me,
Catching the words before they escape my throat,
Dangling my hearts desire just out of my reach,
Evoking tears that my pride will not let fall,
For too many have fallen before.

Grant my whims no attention
Have my body,
Ignore my heart,
Justification will come with the morning,
Kill whatever emotion there may be,
Let not your words encourage me.

My body will tremble,
Numb to the tremors,
Oblivious of the pleasure,
Pray pretend my heart.

Quietly the morning comes upon us,
Resting quaintly in your embrace,
Sympathetically the sun exposes me,
Triggering questions I dare not acknowledge,
Unhinged by the questions all the same.

Veering away from you,
Why do you hold me?
x-rated thoughts from the night before,
yearning to draw closer,
Zipping myself up, I leave you behind in your sweet slumber.

Huma Kaoga Kaseu


Adoration bestir cultic despise,

Bestowing curses despite exaltation

Consuming desires erected fairish

Depressing egoistic fancy

Endemic fakeness grows hence

Fructifying gendered hellish insolence

Galling habits interminable justified

Hurting implied Juxtaposition

Insidious jealousy kites down

Jamming killers’ loathsome malice

Knighting licentious modeled narcissists

Limiting masterly ninetofivers

Mortifying nature’s purpose

Noxious odes populate queerness

Offering protracted qualities righteously

Painting quickened random saintliness

Quelling reviews sought

Ruinous suppositions taunt us

Suffering tainted undulating vilifications

Turning unfeigned vagueness weird

Ululating vein worship

Victimization whelm xanthippers(ill tempered females)

Withering xylodic(woody) youthful zeal

X( absurdity of fans) Yield zillion yucky zombies

Yearlong zoned

zenith their only destination


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