Challenge: Flash Fiction

Amos N Tabalia


His gun trained at the boy, he takes aim
The sagging body soars to earth
Camouflaged, he stands to pick it
From behind, a point-blank shot
He falls on him, dead too
“One shot and I have two dead bodies, a month’s supply of food” Old hag says.


Ngartia J Bryan


Dr. Oyunga’s mind had developed a tendency of wandering. Yesterday, while listening to a patient’s troubles, it slipped across the floor…

Irritated, he followed it quickly to the wall, into the balcony then leapt gracefully, catching it before it plummeted down 11 floors.

“GOTCHA!” Was the psychiatrist’s last thought.


Njeri Macharia

She felt the car come to a stop.
Didn’t even need to open her eyes, done it too often.
Took out just enough and paid him, barely managing to exit the cab.
‘Vodka is a bitch!’
But she needed it.
It cushioned his blows and deafened her ears.”


Rayhab Potentash Gachango

Hiding in the shadows until an hour after lights went out, he opened the door. He went quietly to master bedroom.

She was snoring loudly. He slowly undressed.

The woman hit him with a rungu. As he lost consciousness she laughed “that will teach you to stop coming home late.”

Morris Kiruga

1. Exhibit One: 9mm silencer on a Beretta 92FS. Used twice. A decade-long Civil War. Peace. Love. War Again.

2. Exhibit Two: The long-flowing dress at the door, his pants at the foot of the bed. The condom wrapper. Hand on her throat, eyes popping out. As if it was the first time they were making love. It was the last; she knew he was dying, they both were.

Wanjiru Njoroge

The feel of the blade on her skin did more to arouse her than scare her. Thought of the double edge slicing through her wrists, gush. Wet. She’d go by and on her hand. A slave of the whip but free in death.

Zo si

She knew there wasn’t much time. “What will they say? What will they think?” So she dug her heels in and centred herself. What to say? How to put it? Would she make the cut? Then she said,”heck”. She hit the post button.


Martin tha Bang’er

Toys … Bikes… Letters… Giggles… First Kiss. College. Loyalty. Love. Soul mates… Aisle.The First. Dreams. Home. Happiness…. Recall. War. Guns. Letters. Country. Loyalty. Oil. IED. Knock. Salute. Flag. Tears…. Birth. Photos. Letters….toys.Bikes…

Zaynah McAdam

The night of the full moon. Deep in the forest. It snarled at her showing vicious-looking sharp teeth. She was terrified. Just before she fled, her eyes locked with its confused brown penetrating eyes. Worried no more, she knew her search for him was over. He had turned.

Edwin Thedivinebandit Mukabi

Submission 1: Ruffled sheets. Question. You are number 7. Smile. Anniversary. Question. You are number 7 and 9. Frown. Ruffled thoughts.
Submission 2:

Boarding time had come.

Shipwrecked in such a short time.

They threw him a rope attached to a branch and saved his life.

But he lost his wife.

Three months to the date.

He made his own fate.

Threw the rope over the tree branch.

Same rope, different branch.

Wanjiku Kinuthia


When your phone ‘hangs’, resets your settings to default, loses your high score on Temple Run, you can’t take it anymore, about to smash it against a wall, fuck the cost of buying a new one, then the priceless text comes, ” Hi Baby.”



The blood of virgins did not work, so the blood of whores became his elixir, drowning in their wanton desires, licentious ventures and basic harlotry. And that was when he achieved greatness.



The future embarrassment of hurried sex was saved by a spider’s bite. Now she’ll never know how it feels, to crush a spider before sex.

Shiko Ngure

His heart was beating fast. Denial. She was so beautiful. Pain. He could see it. He knew he should breathe. She smiled slightly, reassuring him. They had been warned. “Breathe. I…we will be fine.” Her voice was calm. Too calm. He knew then that the baby had not survived.

Кевин мутуа

He stood standing, silhouetted against the open door, by the blue and red. The flurry of cocking automatics and sirens, breaking the eery silence. The crimson trail, accompanying him like a shadow and clinging to his hands. The motionless body , framed by the lights, a betrayal of the brutality.

Wamahiga Muhia

A catastrophic affair, covert, deserving of every condemnation. Shameful! Tasteless! It just happened, with her gynae. A Sikh. She was the preacher’s wife, and he never left her side as pangs of labor hit her. He was about to find out. The shame in pain, the pain of this shame.

Olubunmi Familoni


He floats into the bar, light as a breeze, and makes for a lifeless corner; but the filthy rich are easy to sniff out in the midst of such penurious rot. She catches a whiff of that stench of wealth, and rearranges her breasts in advertisement.
He spots his boyfriend.

Manwar Wuod Gino

“He held the bottle of beer, slightly obscuring the label on the bottle. The label said 40% by volume. He hasn’t exceeded that volume though, or so he thought. Then blackness. Darkness. Sirens. Tubes. Bedpans. Nurses. Headstones.

Bonuke Brenda

She came forth dragging her feet, tears flowing uncontrollably. She paced around and when our eyes locked, I ran, embraced her tightly and said, “Hush child it’s not the end of the world”. She held me tighter; “it is for me” she said and jumped onto the oncoming train.

Wanjiku Kinyua

After two damn years!!!! “Hey girlfriend!!!!! am around, wanted to come to your place for a visit. “ “uummh” “Great am outside your house” and so the cycle continues now you see me now you don’t yet every time feels like you never left.

Eric Mugendi Nyagah

1. ‘Where I come from, stories have no ends’, she started, immediately realizing what she had just doomed herself to…

2. The train was the first thing he heard when he woke up. He could feel the sun, hot on the back of his neck, and the beginnings of a pounding headache. Others around him were similarly stirring. So much for the end of the world.

Carol Msuper

Slightly tagging on the Security railing, Ruth feigning a smile, waved. She knew her daughter would leave one day but never to such a far away land. “Bye,” she said, fingering her rosary ring. “I will pray for you,” she whispered as she sought to steal a final glance.

Laban Busmalis Ogechi

Arriving as one of the four representing the university, the other three were already sitted. Before entering the room his mind went through probabilities, when he saw her it all made sense(she definitely was S.D.A). That thought that she was God’s choice for him was the Devil’s greatest trick…!


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